(Quick Reference)



Installs a plugin from the Grails central SVN repository, a file, or a URL

DEPRECATED: The install-plugin command is deprecated

Plugins should be installed by listing them in BuildConfig.groovy with the appropriate scope instead of using install-plugin.


grails install-plugin shiro
grails install-plugin shiro 1.1
grails install-plugin ../grails-bar-1.0.zip
grails install-plugin http://foo.com/grails-bar-1.0.zip



grails install-plugin [name] [version]*
grails install-plugin [URL/File]


Fired Events:
  • StatusUpdate - Fired at various points during the plugin installation
  • StatusError - When an error occurs during plugin installation
  • StatusFinal - When the plugin is installed successfully
  • PluginInstalled - When the plugin is installed successfully

The install-plugin command is a versatile command that installs plugins from the Grails central SVN repository at http://svn.codehaus.org/grails-plugins/, a local file, or a remote URL.

To install a plugin from the remote central repository, for example the "shiro" plugin, use the install-plugin command followed by the plugin name:

grails install-plugin shiro

This will install the latest version of the plugin. To install a specific version specify it as an argument:

grails install-plugin shiro 1.1

To find out what plugins are available use the list-plugins command.

To install from a URL, simply specify the absolute URL to the plugin package:

grails install-plugin http://foo.com/grails-bar-1.0.zip

To install from a local file, specify the absolute or relative path to the file:

grails install-plugin ../grails-bar-1.0.zip