(Quick Reference)



The webflow plugin configures Grails' support for Spring Webflow


An example web flow:

class BookController {
   def shoppingCartFlow() {
       showCart {
           on("checkout").to "enterPersonalDetails"
           on("continueShopping").to "displayCatalogue"
       displayCatalogue {
            redirect(controller:"catalogue", action:"show")


Refer to the section on Web Flow in the Grails user guide which details Grails' web flow support.

Configured Spring Beans:

  • conversationManager - An instance of the SessionBindingConversationManager interface that manages conversations in the session.
  • executionListenerLoader - A Web Flow StaticFlowExecutionListenerLoader that uses the hibernateConversationListener bean with flow execution events to manage the Hibernate session.
  • flowBuilderServices - An instance of the FlowBuilderServices class used to help the Flow engine locate services.
  • flowExecutor - An instance of the GrailsFlowExecutorImpl that knows how to execute Grails flows based on flow execution keys.
  • flowExecutionFactory - An instance of the FlowExecutionImplFactory that constructs flow executions.
  • flowExecutionSnapshotFactory - An instance of the SerializedFlowExecutionSnapshotFactory class that is used to create flow snapshots that can be stored for resumption later on.
  • flowExecutionRepository - An instance of the DefaultFlowExecutionRepository class that is used to store flows.
  • flowRegistry - An instance of the ControllerFlowRegistry class that stores persisted flows.
  • flowScopeRegistrar - An instance of the Spring Web Flow ScopeRegistrar class which registers the flow scopes with the ApplicationContext so that services can be scoped using flow scopes such as flow, conversation and flash.
  • hibernateConversationListener - An instance of the Web Flow class that manages the Hibernate session for the scope of a flow, allowing atomic use of flows.
  • viewFactoryCreator - An instance of the MvcViewFactoryCreator class used to construct views